Friday, February 1, 2008

GI Joe Movie File Cards

Files cards of the upcoming GI Joe movie, aka GI Joe The Rise of Cobra, have surfaced online:

GI Joe File cards:
(Click on a GI Joe file card to enlarge it.)

G.I. Joe, a highly trained secret-ops unit, first and last line of defense of the worldBreaker, Communications Specialist
Duke, Field CommanderGI Joe, Commander
Heavi Duty, heavy weapons specialistWallace Ripcord Weems, Pilot
Shana Scarlett O'Hara, Intelligence Officer

Cobra Files cards:
(Click on a Cobra file card to enlarge it.)

Cobra, The most deadly and dangerous group on the planetBaroness, Intelligence officer
Storm Shadow, Ninja Mercenary
Cobra Viper, basic soldier of the Cobra organization
James McCullen, weapons supplier, founder of MARSThe Doctor, Scientist

Zartan, Master of Disguise

Some may think that those identification cards do no look that great, but I think they're quite realistic: an army administration would probably provide with the same kind of cards.