Monday, June 23, 2008

GI Joe Poster

A billboard poster for the movie GI Joe has been spotted by film1 at the current Cinema EXPO in Amsterdam, Netherlands. And this poster may give away the final title of the film, GI JOE RISE OF COBRA. The first poster features Channing Tatum as Duke.
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Duke poster - GI JOE: Rise of CobraGI JOE
Rise of Cobra

And also Sienna Miller as The Baroness and Ray Park as Snake Eyes:
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Baroness - GI JOE Rise of CobraSnake Eyes - GI JOE Rise of Cobra
The full title of "G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra" has not been officialy confirmed yet. But according to Coming Soon, Hasbro has registered the domain name GIJoeRiseofCobra, so it is rather likely that the final title of GI Joe will indeed be GI Joe Rise of Cobra.

We've got new posters of the upcoming GI Joe movie:
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Snake Eyes - GI Joe Rise of Cobra Duke - GI Joe MovieScarlet
Let's hope they will release a poster featuring Cobra Commander (played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt) soon.

Here a gorgeous international poster of GI Joe The Rise of Cobra:
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Evil never looked so good.

When all else fails, they don't!

A blue version:
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This new GI Joe character poster of Duke looks quite good:
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Here a few more:
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RipcordSnake Eye
Storm ShadowBaroness
Scarlett poster
Storm Shadow PosterSnake
The movie GI Joe promises to deliver a lot of action!