Thursday, January 29, 2009

GI Joe The Rise of Cobra Trailer for Superbowl

GI Joe Rise of Cobra MovieAccording to Nuke The Fridge, via Teaser Trailer (here), the first official trailer of GI Joe The Rise of Cobra is likely to be released during the Super Bowl 2009.

The guy who was a test-screening of the trailer isn't that much enthusiast about what he saw... The whole thing was rather cheesy according to what he says.

Well shall wait for the Superbowl to see the movie trailer of GI Joe Rise of Cobra myself!

Here a 10 sneak preview clip of this GI Joe Superbowl trailer thanks to Entertainment Tonight:

The full Superbowl teaser trailer of GI Joe The Rise of Cobra is already available online:

This GI Joe movie trailer is just amazing! How impressive!


Anonymous said...

Awesome! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I have been waiting forever for this, looks awesome and I cant wait

Scorpio said...

Good trailer but mostly the film will be crap with the main charecters filled with super powers which lets them jump further and go in slow mo also the only good attack sequence Cobra does is the collapse of the eiffel tower with antimater

Anonymous said...

A decent Scottish accent from the Mancunian, but a little bit too Highland from a man who is supposed to be from Callander.

That's the only fault I can find, so we're probably doing quite well.

I always fancied GI Joe as a more terse Bourne Identity sort of movie, but i'm sure i'll like the comic book stylings just as much.